Flexible, usage-based pricing

No two buildings are the same, and Green Stack's flexible pricing model means you can build a solution that fits your building's unique needs. There are no one-size-fits-all subscription plans, and you can scale up or down at any time.

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  • Unlimited Floors & Rooms
  • First 5 Equipment Assets
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Per-building pricing, starting at

$ 25

Per building, billed monthly. Additional charges apply.

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Pricing that works for every building

Green Stack offers a flexible pricing structure that adapts to your building's unique characteristics and provides visibility into your usage and costs, ensuring sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Usage-based Pricing

Optimize costs and eliminate wasteful spending by paying only for the services and features you actually use, just like with traditional cloud models.

Flexible Subscription Model

Scale features and resources up or down as needed, and build customized subscriptions that meet the unique demands of different parts of your operations.

Instant Upgrades

Purchased features are instantly available, putting you in the driver's seat to adjust your usage and optimize performance at any time, easily and conveniently.

Secure Payment Methods

Securely pay using any major credit card, bank transfer, or ACH, and even customize payment methods across multiple subscriptions.

No Long-term Commitments

Monthly billing and no long-term commitments allow you to make changes as your needs grow or change over time without worrying about hidden fees or early termination charges.

Friendly Support

We're always here to help you get started, answer any questions you have, and provide ongoing support as your needs grow and change.

A simple, straight-forward subscription process

Step 1: Activate your Green Stack Account

Start by creating a free Green Stack account and enable billing by setting up your first payment method.

Step 2: Top-up Building & Equipment Quotas

Count the number of buildings and pieces of equipment you will manage with Green Stack and create one or more subscriptions to purchase the required amount. Scale your usage up or down at any time.

Step 3: Activate an Edge Device

Follow the in-app prompts to order a new edge device and connect it to your Green Stack account to manage BMS devices and points connected to managed equipment. There is no limit to the number of relationships you can create.

Step 4: Expand with Add-Ons

Expand Green Stack functionality by purchasing any desired framework add-ons, including additional user accounts and advanced features.

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Explore Framework Add-Ons

Extend Green Stack functionality with framework add-ons. Pick and choose from a variety of options and only pay for what you need.


Edge Device

$ 45
per month, per device
Connect building systems to Green Stack Cloud
  • Edge-based logics & automation
  • Securely access systems remotely
  • Monitor device health & alarms

User Account

$ 15
Per Month, Per User
Share vital building data with important partners & associates
  • Invite new users via email
  • Control access with roles
  • Audit user activity with ease

Green Stack API

$ 75
Per Month
Seamlessly connect building systems to other platforms
  • Standardized REST API
  • Common ontology model
  • Granular, permission-based keys

Event Notifications

$ 15
Per Month
Send email notifications and webhooks for system events
  • Dispatch important system events
  • Setup email alerts for staff
  • Get ahead of problems & issues

Advanced Commander

$ 10
Per Month
Advanced features to support the everyday power user
  • Automatically release overrides
  • Access all 16 BACnet priorities
  • Support advanced operations

BACnet Explorer

$ 20
Per Month
Browse BACnet networks and manipulate object properties
  • Read & update BACnet properties
  • Commission & configure devices
  • Simplify system troubleshooting

Need help getting started? We're always here!

Find answers to frequently asked questions or get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your needs

Does Green Stack come with customer support?

Absolutely, all customers have access to our online documentation to assist you with any queries or concerns. If you need help engineering a solution, get in touch with one of our experts and we would be happy to assist you.

Can I update my subscription?

Certainly! You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time in the Green Stack configuration console.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept major credit cards and ACH. You may add as many payment methods as you need and easily use different ones for each of your subscriptions.

Are there any hidden fees beyond the displayed cost?

No, the cost shown here is the total cost, but it may be subject to state or local sales taxes. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.